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A custom handed down through the generations, dating back to the old farming tradition of resting in the hayloft after a long day in the fields: The hay bath, a pleasurable soak in fresh mountain grass, offered in contemporary form by a number of the hotels and spas in Alto Adige. What remains of the farming tradition is the raw material: the hay, in other words, which should be untreated and as natural as possible in order to preserve its rich variety of flowers and grasses release its healing powers. A series of hay bath treatments, in fact, relieve muscular pains and purify the body. The hay is gathered at high altitude, and supplied to the spas by the farmers of the area. The smell alone of the fresh grass with its hint of mountain camomile creates a pleasantly heady sensation which presages the plunge into the very essence of nature. The hay is softened with boiling water before it is arranged in a special bathtub which allows it to reach high temperatures. Once it is ready, all you need to do is lie down naked on the heated water bed and envelop yourself in the hay and the fragrant perfume released into the air; slowly and steadily, you feel yourself yield to a pleasant sensation of wellbeing. The session lasts from twenty to thirty minutes, during which the temperature produced by the fermentation of the hay reaches temperatures of over forty degrees; this stimulates profuse sweating, which may continue even after the treatment is over. The therapeutic benefits are due to both the heat which is released and the active principles of the medicinal herbs which, when in contact with the skin, are absorbed with the humidity of the body. A few sessions are required to feel the full effects, but one single treatment is sufficient to unwind and experience a sensation of absolute rest which will last for the whole day.

We tried this relaxing experience at the Hotel Tann in Collalbo: Four stars, and right next to the woodlands of the Renon mountain plateau.


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