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Two dates for wine-lovers to remember: 22nd July - St Magdalener parish fair and 10th August - Lorenzi Night. Bolzano is the essence of a wine town. Vineyards of the vintners’ cooperative and of more than 20 private wineries extend from right in the centre to all around the town. With its 510 hectares of vineyards, Bolzano has around 10% of South Tyrol’s total wine-growing area. The town is especially proud of its two autochthonous or local wines: Sankt Magdalener and Lagrein. At harvest-time the farmers’ narrow tractors with their grape-laden trailers are part of the cityscape and the smells of freshly-pressed grapes and fermented grape must pervades the town. The St Magdalener Parish Fair is on 22nd July. St Magdalener is a small village on a hill just above the town. The festivities focus on the wonderfully-frescoed, 13th-century church dedicated to St Magdalena, patron saint of vintners. It’s tradition for the vintners to open their barrels on this day for the first tasting of the new wine and they invite visitors to their cellars. The evening sees a sumptuous gastronomic event with music and dance. The Sankt Magdalener wine, and Lagrein, Bolzano’s second local wine, together with a whole host of other South Tyrolean wines are the focus of another wine festivity: the Lorenzi Night on 10th August, which transforms Bolzano’s Laubengasse into a wine-mile. Wineries from all over South Tyrol spread their tables and benches cheek by jowl, offering the best of their wines. This is a unique opportunity to experience the full range of South Tyrol’s wines to the accompaniment of local culinary delicacies.


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