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When the leaves burst into vibrant hues and the temperatures begin to fall, there’s no better way to end a walk than by stopping off at a traditional farm to savour the tastes of autumn with friends. This sociable tradition is known locally as “Törggelen,” and alongside traditional South Tyrolean dishes and a hearty helping of chestnuts, the stars of the feast are the Suser and the Nuie.
Suser and Nuie are two traditional autumn drinks with a light, agreeable taste, freshly pressed from the latest harvest. Suser is grape must, and is extracted during the fermentation phase; Made primarily from light, red grapes, it is sweet to the taste and low in alcohol. Nuie, on the other hand, is drawn off later in the vinification stage and is a young wine with an alcohol content of around 7%.
So why are they only drunk at “Törggelen” time in autumn? Decades ago, winemakers would invite guests to sample the new wine at the end of the grape harvest, and the tradition has been kept alive to this day: A perennial pleasure of October, then, and all the better in the cheer of good company.
Photo: Tiberio Sorvillo


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