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Silks, embroideries and wools have been threaded within the cultural heritage of Bolzano since the Middle Ages, when the merchants from the Venetian ports made their way up the Isarco River en route to the Brenner Pass. A tradition spanning centuries, which has created progress and wealth, and which calls for a sustained effort in preserving the ancient techniques of craftwork and restoration which still shine through to this day on banners, tapestries and robes.

"Bolzano and South Tyrol are home to a treasure trove of textile artefacts that have traversed centuries of our history," says Irene Tomedi, an international authority on textile restoration who also has a workshop close to Piazza Erbe. "We founded the European Textile Academy precisely because we realised that this legacy of knowledge and historical testimony is one that must be cherished and preserved.” As she speaks she keeps a watchful eye the restoration works of a trainee, and shows her where to insert a new silk thread into a century-old fabric.

"Fabrics are not just about history and tradition,” adds Richard Vill, president of the Academy and fashion designer; “In the textile industry today there is research and innovation, there are new materials, new forms and architectural structures, there is the environment and engineering; all of these aspects are also fundamental to the course content of the Academy and to our sector." With this dual spirit, rooted in history and keen to blaze new trails in design and innovation, the European Textile Academy returns to its home town of Bolzano with the Festival Textile Manufactur: The three-day event is an opportunity to savour the history and peek into the future of European textile production and will be hosting international guests and exhibitors from the world of art, design, commerce and industrial architecture.

(Translated into English / Photos: Tiberio Sorvillo) 


Festival Textile Manufactur

25 – 27 May 2018

Castel Mareccio


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