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When you step over the threshold of the palatial nineteenth-century building, your immediate impression is that of a subtle, respectful and impeccable welcome. The building has recently undergone extensive renovations and is home to Italia & Amore, an innovative combination of restaurant, market and wine bar which has enhanced the city with an all-new, variety-packed array of excellence and taste: not only the staff, but everything is in clear sight with the utmost of transparency, from the wine bar on the lower floor to the market and the meticulous kitchens on the various floors. Norbert Kier, the creator of the project, carefully selects all that is delivered to Italia & Amore each day. The host of delicacies arrives from all over the “Boot,” and includes olive oils, mackerel, anchovies, endless varieties of tomato sauces, pasta, rice, fresh vegetables, fish and meat, sweets of Italian tradition and treats with an innovative touch, salt and pepper.

All products are selected and displayed with the greatest of care, and take their place both on the market shelves and in the dishes: a triumph of tradition and health awareness, and an innovative translation of the most authentic and true of the Italian culinary repertoire.

There’s no “easy seasoning” here, but a skilled exaltation of the main ingredients of the dish. It is a tribute to tradition, an encounter with culinary culture without getting lost in the flavours, a splendid occasion to socialise and to delight in the magic of the dish itself narrating the origins of its ingredients.

For three days the historic center will be overflowing with all of these delicacies together with other traditional Italian products: From 10 to 13 May, via Argentieri, Piazza delle Erbe, the Portici arcade and the Piazza Municipio will become a mile-long avenue of tastes and flavours. Mozzarellas, breads, sauces, fish, meat and capers will be accompanied by a number of local must-have products: All the Ars Vini Tirolensis winemakers and the farmers of Alto Adige will be in attendance to enrich the event with taste and tradition. You can sample products along the way and in a selection of shops featuring the "gourmet festival" banner: a pledge, and a guarantee.


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