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When the first rays of sun emerge and the air begins to warm through, it's the perfect time to get out on your bike for a leisurely ride to explore the city’s most fascinating spots. And with Bolzano’s extensive network of cycle paths, you can get to every corner of the city in next to no time. Our route takes you through the streets of the historic center, past the cathedral and towards the vast countryside not far from the city, up until you catch a view of rocky spurs and a medieval castle.

Our set-off point is Piazza Walther in the town centre where you can stop off to visit the cathedral, a treasure-chest of Gothic and Romanesque architecture overlooking the square, before setting out on your journey. Leaving the bell tower at your back, you now head towards the nearby Piazza dei Domenicani and then straight on until you stumble upon Museion, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, concealed by the branches of the trees which stand before it. Once you are behind the museum, cross over the winding Talvera bridges and take the cycle path leading to the right. Even while cycling, you cannot but admire the beauty of the landscape with the trees coming into blossom and the river meandering slowly around the rocks. On the other side, the sports fields are a hive of activity on sunny days.

Everywhere is perfect for a short break, and from the banks of the river you can admire the mountains towering on high. And on we pedal, along the cycle path to Ponte Sant'Antonio. If you turn right here you will get back to the city centre, but if you keep going along the straight, slightly sloping road, you will arrive at Castle Roncolo. And now it’s time to park the bike and take to your feet for a while: The castle is well-worth a leisurely visit to discover the cycle of secular frescoes for which the mediaeval manor is famed the world over.

(Translated into English / Photo: Carmela Pagano)


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