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When it comes to lighting, you need one thing above all else: planning. This means blending design, mood and light effects harmoniously in order to accentuate the architecture and furnishing style, and, by so doing, enhance the mood and feel-good factor of a room. We should never underestimate the effect of lighting on both people and space. The success story of the family company Lichtstudio Eisenkeil began around 60 years ago when company founder Artur Eisenkeil found out for himself, in his own hotel, just how difficult it was to find beautiful lighting in the Alpine area. And that is when he decided to set up a lighting company himself. In one of those strange coincidences that happen so often in life,

Artur Eisenkeil bumped into the chemist Kurt Weiler at what was then the Hamburg industrial fair. It was he who developed the synthetic resin still used today in the production of the cocoon lights. Eisenkeil secured the production rights for Italy and began to develop and produce his cocoon lights, still unique to this day. After a chance encounter with Dino Gavina, individualistic pioneer of the Italian interior furnishing culture, and other creative minds such as Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni and Tobia and Carlo Scarpa, the group made their way to Marlengo - home to the Lichtstudio headquarters at that time - to find out more about the production and phases of the Cocoon Technology. When the first models were completed, all they needed was a name: FLOS.

Today, the company is one of the leading, and most successful, lighting manufacturers in the world. There are lamps in every style and from every era, as well as innovative contemporary lighting design and Bauhaus classics. Light should never be viewed in and of itself, but always as a complete art work in which each individual feature is a complementary part of a harmonious whole. “There are endless possibilities. You can play with light,” says Andreas Eisenkeil. And this is precisely what has mesmerised him, for over thirty years now, in his work with light.


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