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It doesn’t take much to get started. With a bit of patience, a drop of hot water and a piece of soap, bright, fluffy woollen balls can easily be transformed into a work of art, and even novice felters can create a decoration or hand-made accessory in no time. Adorn a Christmas wreath, accessorize a coat or simply craft a special gift. In just three hours, and with a little imagination and assistance, you can produce an openwork shawl or a pretty flower that can be used for a necklace or turned into a brooch. In less time still, you could make a bar of felted soap for a luxurious body scrub by simply coating a bar of sheep’s milk soap in felt.
One of the oldest textile techniques in South Tyrol, felt processing consists of massaging merino wool fibres and rubbing them together with water and soap to create a compact fabric. After that, all you need is your own imagination, and with a little practice you will be able to create whatever comes to mind. The first stage is designing your brainchild. And the final result? Neatly-packaged hair bands, gloves, slippers, pom-pom necklaces, or even a 1930s-style cloche hat. Tapping into your creative genius couldn’t be easier, even for absolute beginners. Our handmade Christmas gift is a silk chiffon scarf decorated with long strands of coloured felt.

We had a go at felting at the Manu artisan workshop. The fully-equipped workbenches of the co-operative are open to all, and the specialised staff offer their assistance to every participant, from experts to beginners.

(Translated into English – Photos:Tiberio Sorvillo)


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