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For many years now, the image that best embodies Bolzano is one of soft lights, of reds and golds, of steam rising from a mug of mulled wine, of shimmering reflections in the windows and Christmas baubles, of enraptured children in prams and warm scarves protecting smiling faces from the cold. It is the image of the Christmas Market which, for a few weeks every year, turns Bolzano into every child’s fairy tale dream. Piazza Walther, the train station park, the streets of the old town and a host of other spots in the city become a gathering place for all those who adore the magical atmosphere of the run-up to Christmas. The magical, vibrant atmosphere of Bolzano, city of so many facets. The Christmas market is a wonderful chance to discover this meeting of cultures and traditions at first hand. This year the market will open on 23 November, and features a number of attractive new events in and around the historic centre and its courtyards. In two areas well-worth exploring in the oldest part of the city, Alpine Advent melodies will alternate with the beating of the hammers of the craftspeople at work. Music will accompany the soft lights for the duration of the market, while in the streets of the city centre you can enjoy the sounds of the Christmas choirs, horn concerts, travelling bands and the echo of the organ concerts held in the churches of the city during the Advent season. The much-anticipated ice rink in the station park has been confirmed, as has the Natale di Libri (Christmas of Books). This cultural casket has been in attendance at the Christmas market for years, bringing with it an abundant list of prolific guests from the world of journalism and literature.

(Translated into English – Photos:Tourist board)



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