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What can be nicer after a walk in the crisp winter cold, or in the Christmas market, than clasping your frozen hands around a warm cup, letting your cold cheeks and nose get warmed up by the wafting steam? Teas, herbal and fruit infusions are very much ‚in‘, not just among women who traditionally have often treated themselves to a good-night cup, but increasingly also men are acquiring the taste. Bolzano has many cafès and tea-rooms that don’t just offer the classical black, camomile or rosehip tea, but many others besides: Irish Breakfast or Assam for the morning, Roibos for those who prefer it without caffeine, Earl Grey or a Chinese Green tea in the afternoon.

The most popular currently are teas and infusions with ginger. Bolzano is the Italian headquarters of ‚Pompadour‘, Italy’s biggest purveyor of teas – well over 100 of them, plus countless high-quality herbal and fruit infusions. All ingredients are laboratory-tested and of the highest quality. Their most recent product is a very original organic mountain herb infusion from a farmer in the Vinschgau valley at an altitude of over 1000 metres, who cultivates the herbs organically and harvests them by hand. Tea-lovers can choose between over 200 different types at Peter’s TeaHouse in Bolzano’s Silbergasse, and can also buy all manner of tea-accessories to celebrate tea-drinking: Chinese metal teapots, glass teapots, all manner of cups and saucers, cane sugar, tea-strainers, flower teas. And the samovar is always ready. Tea-drinking habits reflect people’s mentality and character. Health-conscious people seek herbal infusions with various properties: purging, calming, purifying, ...

Connoiseurs like traditional English teas for their 5 o’clock ceremony, those with a sweet tooth prefer blends made with berries, while the more restless now have the option of tea-capsules à la Nespresso, which serves, say, a lemon tea in a matter of seconds. There’s no doubt that teas and infusions are to be enjoyed in the summer, too, ice-cold, with mint and lemon for example, but that’s another story.



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