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Ritratto di Riccardo Valletti
Riccardo Valletti




Although some still consider it to be a fabric of "peasant tradition", even the clothing designers of the court of Franz Joseph had sensed the remarkable potential of the loden. And the first "VIP" to set the loden trend was none other than the Emperor himself, who impressed half of Vienna with his white loden cape. The ascent to the heights of success has never stopped since, and for years loden has been a “must” of autumn-winter fashion collections. Gliding down the catwalk with a confidence as insouciant in Milan as in New York, when loden sweeps past you it makes its presence felt. When farming folk first “invented” it in the historic Tyrol of the 12th-century, they were looking for a warm, waterproof fabric. In order to achieve it, they came up with the process which lends such extraordinary properties to the grey sheep wool of the region, in a method still used to this day: Spun and felted, combed and beaten to give it the consistency we know so well, with a density of raw material that is nothing short of unique. And a thousand years of tradition has taken care of the rest. Today loden is often a mix of merino wools in order to lighten the fabric. The colour range, formerly in shades of grey and green alone, has extended to practically every colour and is well-suited contemporary clothing and footwear design.

(Translated into English – Photos: Museo del Loden / Lodenmuseum)


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