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A captivating view, surrounded by greens of every shade, the smell of the pine tree mingling with the icing sugar of the Strauben, freshly made in the mountain hut. A walk in Val Sarentino is a triumph of sensations that envelops your every sense. Getting there from Bolzano is quick and easy, and after just a few kilometres, you will find arrive at one of the most characteristic valleys of the area. The nature trail in Val Sarentino is a close-up encounter with nature. Even those who are unfamiliar with the mountain terrain can reach the heights of two thousand metres effortlessly and enter into an atmosphere that is truly unique. Glades and woods are wonderful for peaceful walks, while the lakes, water games and tree trunks are a source of endless joy for kids. The "Urlesteig" nature trail is split into six different sections with an elevation difference of 70 to 560 metres. The adventure begins with the cable car ride that takes you to up to the summit and the Pfnatsch mountain hut in next to no time. A well-signposted network of trails and fairly accessible routes are suitable for the whole family. Children are amazed by the wooden animals and the information boards which provide a wealth of fascinating facts about the animals and the lush vegetation of the area.

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